Terasawa Tatsuya

Mr. Terazawa was appointed as the Senior Advisor to the Cabinet Secretariat in November 2019 to advise the National Security Secretariat (NSS) on economic security issues. He is also assuming specific missions requested by the Minister for the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI).

Mr. Terazawa served as Vice Minister for International Affairs at METI until July 2019. He led METI’s international policy operations and represented the Ministry in cross-border economic dialogues and negotiations. Mr. Terazawa traveled alongside the Prime Minister on overseas missions to advise on industrial and energy policy, as well as international trade and investment issues. He played a major role in coordinating the communique for the G20 Osaka Summit especially on trade and data related issues.

Prior to this, Mr. Terazawa served as Director-General of the Commerce and Information Policy Bureau, where he oversaw METI policy related to the information industry, including information technology (IT), cyber security, and the contents industry.

Mr. Terazawa also served as Director-General of the Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau, where he spearheaded initiatives to promote high-quality infrastructure exports, foreign direct investment, and recruitment of highly-skilled foreign professionals. Previously, he also served as the executive secretary to the Prime Minister from September 2011 to December 2012.

Earlier in his career, Mr. Terazawa served as Director-General for the Multilateral Trade System Department, Director for North East Asia responsible for trade policy with China, Korea and Mongolia, and as a Special Advisor to the Minister at the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) office in New York.

Other career highlights include developing growth strategies and economic stimulus packages following the global financial crisis and the Great East Japan Earthquake while serving as Director for Economic and Industrial Policy Division.

Mr. Terazawa is a graduate of the University of Tokyo’s Faculty of Law. He also studied in the United States, earning a MBA at Harvard University. Mr. Terazawa was born in January, 1961 in Osaka.